Italy ~ Rome ~ Day 1

My last long trip was to Italy with long-time friends, MQ and ML in March. We have been talking about going on a long trip and the decison to visit Italy started with the SQ promotion. Eventually we flew by Emirates because there was no promotional flights to Rome and we wanted to end our trip in Paris. So our long vacation over 17 days and many cities took us up north from Rome to Florence (Pisa, Siena), Venice and Milan by train before a flight to Paris and back home.


Emirates exceeded my expectations – flights were on-time, staff were friendly, meals were up to scratch (MQ even had free cup noodles!), in-flight entertainment was good (I even had a game of bejeweled!).

We transited at the Dubai airport, which is modern yet retains a middle-east feel. It was a very short transit and we had a quick bite before the connecting flight to Rome. There were many shops but we did not really feel like shopping, having just woken up from an overnight flight (yawn). The air stewardess (above right) who served our areas in this flight was very friendly – she even offered to take a picture with (not for) us if we wanted to! 🙂

Finally, after the longest flight of my life, I reached Rome. Our home for the next three days in Rome was the Franklin Hotel – small but contemporary, with a music theme. We expected to be within walking distance from the Vatican city but well, Rome is HUGE, as we discovered in the next few days.

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