Italy ~ Rome ~ Day 2

Time to continue my press about my long vacation to Italy, before the memories fade.

Rome was colder than I thought, although it was winter turning spring in mid March. Is spring supposed to be pleasant? Day 2 was very cold and rainy. We headed out to the colosseum for a guided tour and took a bus recommended by the hotel. Not sure of the way, we asked fellow passengers for help. Romans are friendlier than I thought (many people told us to be on our guard before our trip so much so that we were a bit paranoid and felt that people were watching us on trains!).

The colosseum is right beside the train station (quite surreal – I always thought a monument will be really out of the way), so it is really accessible. The colosseum is magnificent but in such dreadful weather, the wow factor dropped. We were dashing for shelter so very often and screaming COLD! It was a pity we could not appreciate/respect the beautiful ruins more 😦

We had to buy an umbrella from the street baskers (who can turn from peddling soveniors to food to umbrellas anytime!) Our plan was to visit the Roman Forum on the same day but decided to visit another day (hopefully in fair weather) since we had a three-day pass.

So we went to Piazza di Spagna (better known as the Spanish Steps) and shopped – no better way to hid from the rain and lift the gloom, right? 🙂 Have never seen so many branded shops in one street in my life and it was amazing how many people were buying! Its cheaper than Singapore but not cheap right? Cheap thrill – the sales assistants gave us carrier (with brands LV, Prada etc printed on them) for our wet umbrellas 🙂

Inside the Colosseum - still overran with visitors on a rainy day and this is off peak season!

Colosseum in black/white II

Colosseum in black/white I

Inside the Colosseum - imagine it can house 50000 spectators in its heydays

Inside the Colosseum - Giantic steps. Phew.

Inside the Colosseum

The famous Colosseum

Arch of Constantine - One of my favorite pictures of Rome.

Street full of branded shops

Spanish Steps from Piazza di Spagna

From top of Spanish Steps

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