Italy ~ Rome ~ Day 3

Most of Day 3 was spent in the Vatican City, the smallest ‘country’ in the world (even has its own post-office, where I sent a card from Vatican City to Singapore). It was where things started to fall into place when you realised the significance of the Pope and roman catholicism in the Italian world.

Many of the art galleries in the Vatican museum were palaces of the popes so imagine how grand they are! Like the artworks in the ceiling but the masses of people made it difficult to stop and appreciate them 😦 but they were beautiful nonetheless 🙂


Throughout my visits to museums in Italy, there were not many captions (especially in English) about the artworks. So a good guide was really important – for most, we relied on the Rick Steves audio guides on i-phone apps and they were really good (simple, concise and not too overwhelming).  Everyone had an audio guide – see what I mean?


In the Vatican Museum, we joined a guided tour and our guide (an American who studied in Italy and now working there) was good 🙂 I think her name is Stephanie. Meet her!

For many, the highlight would be the Sistine Chapel (pictures are forbidden and the guards are really serious about policing this!). The closest I got to it was a picture of the stairways outside the chapel. Imagine the masterpieces of Michelangelo ( not the hard sculpture of David but soft brush strokes of the Last Judgement).

The tour of the Vatican City ended at the Basilica facing St Peter’s Square. I have never imagined that a church could be so elaborated (if the Coloseum is magnificant, the Basilica is elaborate) in terms of its architectural, interior design, artworks… And this was only the beginning of our journey through all the other beautiful churches in Italy. I still find it surreal how places of worship are also places of interest but this is the way of life in Italy, I guess.


When my colleague asked me if I saw the Pope, I was like ‘huh’? But later I realised that people do lined St Peter’s Square to  get a glimpse of the  see the Pope on certain days and occasions.

It was late afternoon when we left the Vatican City and headed back to the Colosseum to visit the Roman Forum. But we missed the entry time by a whisker and were fated to have to return another day (which was good because the weather turned out to be really warm and sunny 🙂 yes, it’s still cold on Day 2). So we decided to wait around and see the Colosseum at night – it was magnificant in another way 🙂

A wish was to round up Day 3 at the Trevi Fountain, which was so difficult and so many steps to get to! It was so crowded and there were so many coins (and so many hopes) in the fountains! I cannot remember what I wish for. When I returned to Singapore, I read an article about the right way to wish for a wish to come true. So I will try it the next time I visit the Trevi Fountain 🙂

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