Italy ~ Rome ~ Day 4

Today, I knocked off on time , second day in a row. I ran 3KM yesterday. Wanted to run today but was held back by the weather (it looks like it was going to storm). So I decided to continue to press about Rome with the ‘spare’ time (I really must try to complete my presses about Italy soon). If I had ran the same distance today, I would have just walked out of the shower. Perhaps writing is more time consuming than running? Another good reason to run for those short of time 😛

So here goes Day 4 – the last day we spent in Rome, the sunniest day we spent in Rome, definitely one of my favorite days in Rome (maybe it’s because of the westher :P). We spent half the day in the Roman Forum, a forum of ancient ruins of government buildings. I think Rick Steves began his audio guide with something like ‘imagine yourself standing in the centre of the city of ancient Rome….’ (correct me if I’m wrong). So for the next few minutes, I’m going to let you imagine a half day in the life of a tourist in the Foro Romano (Italian).





Roman Forum was next to the Palatine Hill which promised a bird’s eye view of the Colosseum. Here’s a shot of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine in fair weather (if you read my earlier press, you would have heard about the torrid weather on our first day in Rome).

Before we took the train (right next to the Colosseum – I think I mentioned it briefly in my earlier press) to the Spanish Steps where we walked to the Pantheon (another long walk). The train station is very seasoned (probably by thousands and thousands of tourists), somewhat cold and clammy (maybe due to the weather).

The Pantheon is a temple of all gods – another GIANTIC invention by the Romans. For me, what is intriguing about the Pantheon is the commoners (people like you and me) living around it and making a living around it (no one in Singapore lives near the national museum or parliament house, right?) It’s interesting how religion, culture and life is so intertwinned in Italy, as we were to find out again and again in the rest of our trip.


Our last stop in Rome was Piazza Navona, where the famous fountains (more like works of art, i say) are. One of my favourite moments was hearing street baskers playing ‘Moon River’ which brings back a lot of good memories from my JC days 🙂 Never mind my camera chose to run out of batteries at that moment – it felt like I had more time to savour the moments at Piazza Navona.


This is probably going to be the last of my presses about Rome (we moved on to Florence next, which was a nice leg of the trip). I think I want to go back to Rome one day (maybe in summer. haha.) to see the Colosseum again ((I think this trip did not really do it justice), to linger at the Vatican City (try to catch the Pope, perhaps?) and maybe to chill at one of the Piazzas (just for fun) Till then, Rome! 🙂

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