Italy ~ Florence ~ Day 6

I have been wanting to share a video taken during the parade that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the unification of  Italy. If you have read my earlier press, we chanced upon the parade that took place at Piazza della Signoria. It’s similar to the National Day Parade (an event that celebrates Singapore’s birthday) but less pompous – no tanks, no stage, no performances, no fireworks (probably because it was a day event). It went like this:

Simple and sombre, with a strong sense of pride in the air – tears rolled down the cheek of the man next to me (it’s true!) and I saw the lady behind me wiped away a tear or two… For that 30 minutes, I felt close to the local community. Parades have always been close to my heart (and I’m sure for many Singaporeans) – it’s like a ritual to watch the National Day Parade every year (whether it’s live telecast or live for the lucky few). I’m not sure about you but I, for one, will always try to rush home and catch it! 🙂

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