Italy ~ Siena ~ D7

We took a day trip to Siena and San Gimignano, cities in Tuscany near Florence. It was a beautiful day to visit these quaint towns – both charming in their own ways. On a beautiful day, pictures turned out beautiful (of course!) 🙂 Enjoy!

A walk through Siena town

Music is in the air, outside the museum near the Cathedral of Siena.

I took this picture before we entered the museum (as usual no photography allowed inside). By this time, we had visited quite a few museums and an interesting discovery for me was that an artwork needs not be a painting along but it could be a series of paintings that combines to convey the story that the artist wants to tell.

Upon its completion, the Cathedral of Siena was to be the largest cathedral in the world but unfortunately construction was abandoned halfway. Cannot imagine a larger duomo in Siena though – thought its current size fits nicely in this quaint town 🙂

The Cathedral of Siena - beautiful.

Stained glass reflecting the last supper

Figure heads - the popes. A regular feature in many cathedrals - can be in the form of paintings or sculptures...

Altar - very gothic design

Sunlight shining through the stained glass. My picture cannot depict its beauty - you have to see it for yourself.

The library in the duomo...

...houses well-preserved huge ancient choir books.

Rare bronze sculpture of St. John the Baptist by Donatello

Bronze dome fresco - thought it rare too. So far I have only seen those painted

Mascot - wolf-pig

Next, our guide (Liza?) took us to the Piazza del Campo, the historic city centre, where the townhall was. People just sat around, have lunch and watch the world go by… And so we did the same 🙂

On our way to Piazza del Campo, we passed many houses. See the code of arm (bottom right)? According to Liza, Siena were divided into different areas and each has a code of arm.

Spot the code of arm?

First glimpse of Piazza del Campo and the townhall

Meet our guide - very passionate and knowledgeable. I can feel that she loves Siena!

Watch the world go by 1. Liza said that every year, this piazza will be transformed into a horse racing ground!

Watch the world go by 2

Watch the world go by 3 - alfresco dining. I like 🙂

We had some free time after lunch and we went back to the Duomo, before we left for San Gimignano.

The Cathedral of Siena 1. This picture's special because it is a reflection off the entrance of the building opposite - it's a hospital if I remember right

The Cathedral of Siena 2 - people in Italy like to hang out at their duomo

The Cathedral of Siena 3. Heavenly.

I read somewhere before the trip that it would be nice to stay a day or two at Siena because there is much to experience. We did not managed to (I’m sure it would be fun!). Well, always a good excuse to come back one day 🙂

I decided to press about San Gimignano another time. Just too much to press at one go. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have pressed it. Went through so much to press this – had problems transferring the pictures from my laptop (cranky these days, refused to access the broadband) and there was a blackout and all electricity was cut 😛 And not to forget, we took a 14 hour flight to reach Rome, a 2 hour train ride to Florence and an hour bus ride to Siena. Well well 🙂


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