Italy ~ San Gimignano ~ D7

We did not spend a lot of time in San Gimignano. I vaguely remember that it is famous for its towers. It’s strange that what I remember most vividly is the shop selling the best gelato in the world 😛 and of course sitting around its historic centre at the stairways of the well 🙂

Wall that surrounds the town - reminds me of a 古城

Outside a shop selling crafts

See the tower? Not sure why we did not explore one...hmmm...

Simple act of patriotism - green, red, white

Historic centre 1

Seize the day! How apt - time is of the essence for making ceramic

Historic centre 2

Historic centre 3 - many treated the well like a wishing well 🙂 coins are swishing! 😛

Church near the historic centre - very different from the others we saw in Italy. Looks simple and strong - perhaps that is what faith is supposed to be?

Near the church - another black and white picture

Notice board in town - captured the time for that moment in black and white

Gelato world champion and the girls. Sweet.

Savouring the gelato by the well - quite cheap by European standards. 3 euros?

View from San Gimignano

Ah – there’s so much of the Tuscany region that we have not explored. Till next time 🙂

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