Italy ~ Venice ~ D9

I really wanted to finish my presses about Venice before I went to Melbourne but time forbaded it. So here I am, a few days back from Melbourne, pressing about Venice which kind of reminded me about Australia when I was there 🙂 Hot and sunny blues, cold and windy blues. The former is great weather for photography – every (almost) picture will turn out beautiful. The latter is not so great weather for travelling (at least for me) especially at night (*shivers*).

Morning walk in Piazza San Marco after we collected tickets to the Doge’s Palace. Dazzling!



Doge’s Palace – home of the Doge (ruler of Venice), a man of status but no power. We went on a guided tour of the palace which also housed jail cells and heard interesting stories about Casanova and the bridge of signs. Beautiful archiecture. A pity photography is not allowed inside the palace – I remember gold and splendor.

Columns with symbols of the Saints of Venice (St Mark, I think. Like guardian angels.

Glimpse of the Bell Tower which we visited one of the days (it was so chilly on top of the tower!!) before we went on a tour and weaved in and out of Venice streets.




Yes – no high-rise buildings in Venice. Only short houses inspired by times and eras. Look carefully – the architectual design of every level often differs because the owner builds on it over time (probably due to more wealth and more family members :))


We ended the tour near Rialto Bridge, the oldest and most famous bridge in the Grand Canal. Well, it’s charmingly run-down by, I think, tourists 🙂

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