Italy ~ Venice ~ D10 ~ Grand Canal

威尼斯真的是水都!If not for this trip, I wouldn’t believe that there are no cars, buses, lorries etc in Venice. Roads are really meant for people to walk -it feels good not to have to look out for traffic although we were always looking for road signs to get around!

Found Venice quite small (compared to Rome and Florence) and I do think it is quite mangeable to walk from one place to another.  Well, taking the water bus down the Grand Canal is a novel experience, so we took full advantage of our 3-day Venice card, which ML booked online at a discount – we were quite appalled to learn that a ticket costs so much more when we had to buy one-way tickets! Tip: Book Venice card online for discounts and collect at the water bus station outside the Venice train station.

I was looking through the pictures taken during our cruise down the Grand Canal on Day 10 morning and decided to press just on it to show you more pictures and share the pretty and interesting sights along the canal – architectures (churches, hotels. musesums, unknowns etc) and water crafts (spot the police and delivery boats etc) 🙂

Almost forgot to mention that another reason why Venice is known as Water City – it floods about 300 days in a year, according to a local guide and the Venice people have a clever way to deal with it (will tell you more in my next presses. I guess we were very lucky or unlucky not to have experience a flood in Venice – how interesting would it be? 🙂

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