Italy ~ Venice ~ D10 ~ St Mark’s Square

After our Grand Canal cruise (see previous press), we spent most of day 10 in St Mark’s Square. Besides the Doges Palace, there was plenty of must-see in the only piazza in Venice.

We had a small misadventure at our first stop – the Clock Tower. According to our tickets, we were supposed to meet the guide at one of the museums at the piazza but she was nowhere to be seen minutes past the meeting time. Not sure if there was a miscommunication, we decided to go straight to the Clock Tower. The entrance was so well-hidden that we took a while to locate it – I always thought the entrance to a famous landmark would be quite grand (well well :P). So we started knocking on the door and pressing the door bell. I found it quite funny when the mister at the shop next door came out and told us to go back to the museum to wait for the guide. I thought he looked a bit bemused – the poor chap must have been the ‘guard’ for the Clock Tower over the years 😛

Inside the Clock Tower - a glimpse of the mechanism of how the hour in roman numbers and the minute in arabic numbers tick

Twice a year (cannot remember the dates), the hour and minute clock will be replaced by these statues who will do a procession around the clock tower - Interesting!

They (bronze statues) strike the bell at every hour - we can literally hear time pass when we are at the piazza

Overlooking the financial side (the Rialto)

Overlooking the political and religious side (the Piazza). The Clock Tower is like a link between the two sides

Facade facing the Piazza. Note the Clock above the arch - it used to tick in roman numbers that goes from 1 to 24. Did you see what the people are sitting on? If you remember, I mentioned in my earlier press that they are platforms used during floods so people can still move about the Piazza and stay 'dry'

Face facing the Rialto. The entrance is along one of the shops to the right 😛

We passed the Hard Rock Cafe several times in Venice and decided to have lunch before our next stop to the St Mark’s Basilica. Yes, it’s a bit touristy ( I heard that Venice is a weekend getaway destination for Italians) and yes, it’s comfort food like Mac 🙂

Enjoying lunch - delicious, especially after you had pasta, pizza, risotto for a while 😛 Love all, Serve all - Well said!

No photos allowed at the St Mark’s Basilica (not unusual in famous places in Italy). Think grand altar and a big collection of art – known for its gold mosaic ceiling.

But we can take pictures of the facade and here are some of the people taking photos and feeding birds with the basilica in the backdrop. We had a go too, thanks to the lady who offered us some bread (but we was stopped by a policeman halfway through :p)

MQ took pictures for this lady and her girl - she gave us some bread to feed the birds. Well, I guess one good turn deserves another 🙂

Another photo opportunity - great fun when the birds ate from your hands 🙂

More birds! More photo opportunities!

Next stop is to the Bell Tower with a great view of Venice. There was a queue to get in – everyone wants to be on top of Venice. Nice but very cold and windy!

From the bell tower - these buildings housed the government offices, if I am not wrong.

From the bell tower - the basilica

From the bell tower - basilica, doges palace and shadow of the bell tower reflecting religion and politics

From the bell tower - sun about to set

From the bell tower - the Clock Tower

From the bell tower - it's really windy and cold! Hiding under my hood 🙂

Finally, a leisurely stroll in the Piazza before we board the water bus for a sunset cruise down the Grand Canal (again?) 🙂

Facade of the Doges Palace

If you were wondering what the stalls in the Piazza was selling...

Side view of the basilica

Bridge of Sighs - the story behind it was that all prisoners had to pass the bridge to their cells. As they took a last look through the window on the bridge, they will sigh because it was their last look at the outside world

This time, parts of the facade of the Clock Tower and Basilica were covered up for restoration. So was the Bridge of Sighs. Some reasons to visit Venice again, perhaps during the annual masquerade festival 🙂

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  1. Oh, Venice – perfect tourist town )

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