Italy ~ Venice ~ D11 ~ Murano and Burano

We spent Day 11 on two islands in Venice – Murano and Burano known for their glass and lace. Now, most of the glasses and laces are imported from China and no longer produced on the island. But they continue to peddle the two, for tourism and old times’ sake. A relaxing day spent on the quaint islands, both charming in their own ways…


Passing through a Campo as we walked from our hotel to the bus-stop to take a water-bus to Murano.


This part of Venice is really quiet and peaceful in the morning. Btw, Venice is very small, smaller than Singapore…


We enjoyed our cruise to Murano. It was a warmish morning – very soft sunlight.


Pretty town of Murano. Very simple town. Can tell by the look of the church.


Spotted a glass installation(right picture) along the way…



Glass is indeed a form of art, especially in Murano…

Here’s the touristy part – we paid to watch a glass-making demonstration.

A touch of Murano glass art at lunch 🙂


This is Burano. Besides lace, colorful short houses are also a signature of the island.

A last picture of Burano before we went back to Venice for some last minute shopping – off to Milan next to do more shopping next 😛

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