Italy ~ Milan ~ D12

Merry Xmas! As I looked through the pictures, deciding which ones to press, I wonder how people spend Christmas in Milan? They probably spend it like we did on our first day at Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II. Probably in a  combination of pray and shop 😛

Well, Day 12 in Italy was more eventful than that. MQ fell sick and fainted on the water-bus on the way to the train station and then fainted again on the train to Milan! She blamed it on the alcohol the night before and I blamed it on the overdose of seafood we had in the last few days 😛 So she had to stay in the hotel to recuperate to recover in time for the trip to the shopping outlet the next day while ML and I ventured to the Duomo.

Duomo di Milano is beautiful with very intricate architecture and I can see why it took so many centuries to build… It was quite overwhelming to have so many ‘saints’ overlooking the city – that was the feeling I got at the Duomo.

Duomo di Milano after noon

The interior was a bit solemn. A bit dark. A bit old. I feel. Hence the black/white photos…


There were huge paintings in the Duomo but I could not really decipher them – we did not rent an audio guide and there were much English  literature around. Also, age has kind of taken its toil on the paintings (not sure if they will embark on some conservation projects to ‘clean’ them up soon).


ML and I decided to explore Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II before we visited the dome in the late afternoon to try to catch the sunset. It was a beautiful shopping arcade with all the branded brands like LV, Prada, and Gucci – there’s a Gucci cafe ( I did not take any photos but I think the price was quite reasonable when we flipped through the menu :P) Well, we did not buy anything. Just wanted to check out the prices before we go to the shopping outlet – must compare and get the best deals 😛


Did I mention before that Mac’s Monopoly Campaign was also running in Italy when we were there? We collected a few coupons but did not understand what we could exchanged them for. We were leaving Italy soon so we decided to use them at the Mac at Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II – got a coke and a milk shake, I think. Mac is so universal. Works every time you feel homesick 🙂

Back to the Dome. Up and close to the statutes. Beautiful, especially in the sunset (we were not sure if we caught it but we assumed we did).

Now, you get what I meant when I pressed about ‘saints’ overlooking the city?

Getting close to god. Basking in god’s love. That’s probably why the domes are open to everyone?

But we did not stay up there for long. The guards started chasing us down 30 minutes before the Duomo closes. Hmmm…so strict…. haha… So we went back to the square, explored a bit and took a few more photos before ML said we should go back and see how MQ was 🙂


The two icons at the square, at sunset.

Feeding the birds at the square. Quite a prevalent site in Italy. I like 🙂

Spotted some flora at the back of the Duomo. Rare sight.

Perhaps this is what it will be like during Christmas. Overran with white flowers and snow 🙂

The two icons at the square, after sunset.

 Duomo from two angle. Spot the bronze statue? So angelic.

Would be nice to spend Christmas in Europe one day. Till then, Merry Xmas!

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