Italy ~ Milan ~ D13 and D14

Happy Boxing Day! We did not really tour Milan for the next two days. We went to the Serravalle Design Outlet on Day 13 and left for Paris on Day 14.

The meeting point for the former was near Piazza Castello which we did not plan to visit. So fate kind of brought us there. There’s the beauty of travelling, right? To chance upon the unexpected 🙂 And for the shopaholic out there, yes the shopping was good! MQ and ML brought a lot of Prada stuff 😛

Sights of Milan spotted along the way…

We so wanted to visit The Last Supper at Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie II but we could not get tickets (tried so hard and even went there in the morning to try our luck!). No fate, I guess. Yet another good reason to visit Milan again one day 🙂 Tip: Do reserve your tickets for The Last Supper in advance. It’s still kind of unbelievable that we could not get tickets!

We decided to take a budget flight to Paris because it was faster and the price was comparable to taking the train ( for some reasons, we were also a bit wary of taking the overnight train :p) We bought our tickets from our hotel but found out that they were more expensive! Tip: Buy tickets at the airport bus stop.

Did I mention that we stayed at Hotel Berna which was near the train station? Was a small but comfortable stay.

Another surprise for me was to spot the KPMG in Milan office. Haha. Maybe one day KPMG will send me back to Milan. Who knows? 😛

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