Paris ~ Day 1 and Day 2

Bonjour! We took a budget flight from Milan to Paris. The airport staff were quite strict – we were only allowed to 1 carry-on bag and those who did not follow the rules were not allowed to check in! After a mad rush to get some chocolates and sweets from the duty-free shop, we boarded the free-seating plane. I sat next to these two huge guys – it was quite a squeeze but I reckoned they must be quite used to it 😛

Our driver in Paris was cool – he talked on the phone for most of our 1 hour journey into Paris city. Was really amazed that he never stopped talking! 😛 By the time we reached Hôtel Louvre Sainte Anne, Day 1 had become Night 1. It was a quaint hotel (the most expensive of our trip) and quite comfortable but we had to lug our luggage up a stairway as our room was like a penthouse with no lift access!


The balcony we never used to enjoy a cuppa or two (it was too cold :P) Would have been quite cool to sit there and watch the world go by, ya? 🙂

There were many Korean and Japanese restaurants near our hotel and we picked one with the longest queue (soon we realised that there will be long queues at most of the restaurants in the late evening). Amazingly, this is our first asian meal of the trip (if we don’t count the cup noodles we brought from Singapore :P).

Nice gyozas (guess most fried food taste good). So so ramen but nice and warm 🙂

We took a walk around our neighbourhood after dinner, stopping by a supermarket before we went back to the hotel to rest for the day. Also went through a frenzy to buy and print tickets to Eiffel Tower! Phew!

We wanted to go to Sacré-Coeur in the morning before Eiffel Tower but the hotel staff suggested that we go shopping instead because all shops will be closed the next day (a sunday, I think). So we changed our plans and decided to walk to Galeries Lafayette and find breakfast on the way (no breakfast provided in this Paris hotel 😦 so the hotels in Italy were much better deals)

I guess this is typical breakfast in Paris – a bit delifrance style.

Spotted the famous Opéra de Paris and Cafe De La Paix along the way. They were adjacent to each other.

Galeries Lafayette. Not open yet. But many people were waiting outside to enter. We were wondering if there is a sale!!

 Buildings nearby. Taken when waiting for Galeries Lafayette to open. A gloomy aura around them, I feel. It must be winter turning spring…

 A total contrast in Galeries Lafayette. Very grand and beautiful. I like it 🙂 But I still cannot believe that we had to queue to get into the Longchamp shop! Haha!

Spotted Pierre Herme – famous for its macarons.

Taking a lunch break in Galeries Lafayette before we went back to the hotel to put down our stuff and set off for Eiffel Tower.


Took a metro to Eiffel Tower. Was very excited to see it from the train station and we had to walk really briskly to the twoer because we were running a bit late and we heard you will be barred from entering if you are late!

So many people! Thought March is like a low season for travelling in Europe!

 Still had to queue (30 minutes?) before we could take the lift up (see the red machine?) Read that we can walk up to a certain level too. Maybe next time? 🙂


View from the second level as we waited (again) for the lift to go to the third level. But people were really cool about it – some were having beer and wine while waiting 🙂


Paris from Eiffel Tower. Would the view be better if there wasn’t a drizzle?

We did not have a champagne up there. Took pictures instead 🙂

Bye Eiffel! Taken on our way back to the metro station to go to Champs Elysees.

Basker on train. Very common in Paris. Did not tip him though.

Champs Elysees. Not as romantic as I thought. Maybe it’s the drizzle…

We did not have time to shop but we had a very nice dinner. I had goose confit and I like it! 🙂




Spent a cold and damp afternoon and evening in Paris. Glad we had a chance to return later in the trip to see Eiffel, Champs Elysees and Galeries Lafayette in better days 🙂 Stay posted!

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