Paris ~ Day 3

Bonne année et bonne santé. We spent half the time walking along River Seine on Day 3, from Notre Dame Cathedral to Museum D’Orsay, from Tuileries Gardens to Champs Elysees.

Cathedrals in Paris are more ‘dainty’ than those in Italy. Architecture, altar piece and artworks are not as elaborate.



For those who do not want to walk so much in Paris, you can take the hop-on hop-off river cruise that will take you to many of the must-see places of interest. Walking allows you to take in the pretty sights along River Seine, look back, stop and chat, take some photos and well, exercise 😛 For a new experience, I will try the cruise next time I am in Paris 🙂

Budding flora that hint at the coming of Spring in Paris (left). Spotted Louvre Museum (right).

I must say that Museum D’Orsay was a further walk from Notre Dame Cathedral than I thought. The museum houses many masterpieces, especially those of the impressionist masters. I was also happy to see many Rodin sculptures here as our schedule did not allow us to visit the Rodin Museum (next time perhaps? haha). Photography was not allowed and sometimes, I must say it’s a good thing – you will focus more on taking in the artwork than thinking about the camera angles :p By the way, you can also catch some of the masterpieces in Singapore at the National Museum of Singapore – Dreams and Reality. I went and it was a good exhibition (and of course a happy reminder of my Parisian journey :))

Lunch at the cafe overlooking Museum D’Orsay.


After lunch, we crossed the River Siene to the Tuileries Gardens. Here’s a picture of Museum D’Orsay from the bridge (right).


Spotted many people chilling in the garden as though they are at the beach 🙂 Can’t wait for Spring to come, I bet!

Spotted this arch as we walked to Champs Elysees….

and the famous LV shop in Champs Elysees….

and this shop…How can anyone not love Paris? 😛

and Arc de Triomphe…

and the top part of Eiffel Tower from Champs Elysees…

So we decided to take the metro to Eiffel Tower again. It was raining when we were there on Day 2 so did not take many pictures. For some reasons, I took many pictures of Eiffel Tower in black/white. For me, b/w pictures carry with them some symbolism or ‘feel’. And for me, there is a sultry feel around Eiffel Tower….




And of course Eiffel Tower by River Seine (right).

Framing the city.

Adding colors to the city.

What better way to end the day than a visit to Moulin Rouge? We were running short of time, so decided not to watch the show. But a visit is a must. So we had dinner while waiting for Montmartre to light up.

Some local fare, according to the cafe next to Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge was smaller than I imagined. And Montmartre at night was less exciting. Perhaps we did not dare to venture further into the district to see more.

And here’s a self-portrait to end the press on Day 3 in Paris 🙂

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