Paris ~ Day 4

Paul, Maison De Qualite is now in Singapore. Before I could complete my presses about Paris. Today, I will complete my picture-press and let the pictures say a hundred words (haha) about my last day in Paris, also the last day of our 17-day trip. Think Louvre and Sacré Cœur.
Early morning at Louvre.
Heard we have to queue so we set off early.
Was amused by people who were already in the queue when we reached.
Took turns to walk around and take pictures.
It’s like watching Louvre waking up from its sleep.
First ray of sun over Louvre.
Time for Louvre to open its doors to the world.
Freezing to queue in the cold morning.
Outside Louvre, inside Louvre.
Was amused at people who ran to get tickets at the counter. It’s true.
Breakfast at Paul at Louvre.
Very down-to-earth bakery.
Not as pompous as the one at Takashimaya 😛
Venus De Milo.
Popular amongst visitors who were checking out its front and back.
From rock (or rather marble) to art.
Victory of Samothrace is popular too.
And of course The Mona Lisa (left)! You can almost hear the buzz as you approach her gallery.
A worthy juxtaposition is The Wedding Feast at Cana (right) right opposite Leonardo’s masterpiece.
It’s amazing how tiny Lisa Gherardini is. Or rather how small Leonardo painted her.
Left Louvre after the masterpieces.
It would have been overwhelming (or near impossible) to see everything in Louvre.
Busy Louvre in the afternoon ( right) and the Tuileries gardens across the road (left).
Neighbours of concrete and jungle.
Would have been nice to spend an afternoon in Louvre.
Just to laze and chill.
Sacré Cœur.
The highest point in Paris.
Buskers at Sacré Cœur.
Making a living (of passion, I hope) in Paris.
Around Sacré Cœur.
I like how the sun ray adds a sparkle to the neighbourhood which was a bit gloomy.
Maybe it’s winter 😦 turning spring 🙂
More busking around Sacré Cœur.
I remember there was a loud lady in red singing around the corner of this quiet gentleman.
Sacré Cœur.
They say you can get a bird-eye view of Paris at Sacré Cœur on a good day.
We were not so lucky, I guess 🙂
At the bottom of Sacré Cœur.
Thought the carousel added a charming touch. Almost angelic.
Last minute shopping before we headed for the airport.
Last shot of Paris with sweet Laduree.
Last but not least, au revoir Paris.

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