Melbourne: Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

Those who know me well will know the answer – I EAT TO LIVE. Many people around me live to eat though, so this press is (kind of) dedicated to them. Haha.

I’m sure many of you will agree that food on a trip can be a hit-and-miss affair, unless you know someone in town or have goggled really hard before the trip (even so, you may not be able to find or get really frustrated trying to find that must-go restaurant or cafe).

One of the things that surprisingly made me happy during my Melbourne trip was the food (when they say that it’s hard not to find good food in the world’s most livable city, there are some truths in it) 😛 I have been thinking of pressing about my food affairs in Melbourne and the food galore on 除夕 and 年初一 (Yes, Happy Chinese New Year to all!:)) kind of inspired me to do it.

色香味俱全 is a Chinese saying about what makes good food – color, smell, taste. The pictures will help me with the color and I will try my best to describe the smell and taste (or to be more accurate, my feelings then :))

Lunch on Day 1. Federation Square. Timeout. Homemade Ice Tea. Special because it had lemon, orange and lime slices. Refreshing (especially after a 7-hour flight :P). Was telling my sister that we can try making this at home 🙂

Chicken Cesar Salad. There’re small herring fishes (if I’m not wrong). Crunchy and juicy.

Curry Mutton Sandwich. Exotic. Reminds me of Indian cuisine. Kind of like the peas 😛

 Dinner on Day 1. Grill’d. My sister read about it online – highly recommended according to her. Crowded. Huge portion. Very full-filling. Ladies should always order small, never medium, even if it’s for two to share 😛

Lunch on Day 2. Roadtrip to The Grampians. Random family restaurant in Halls Gap (it’s a small town so you don’t have that many choices :P). Spotted Bundaberg in many favors (reminds me of root beer in Marche :)).

Kangaroo Wrap. I know some of you will go: ‘how can you eat this?’. My reply: ‘you should try. It’s delicious’. Very tender and well-cooked. Tried BBQ kangaroo later too – it was very tough, so not all kangaroo meat taste good…

Fish and chips. Cooked on the spot. Hot. Fresh. And I like it served with white vinegar 🙂

Dinner on Day 2. Pie Face. My sister read online that pies are good in Melbourne. So we decided to try Pie Face, can be found anywhere in the city 😛 One of our cheapest dinner in Melbourne.

Chicken pie with topping of mash potato. They call it ‘double-decker’ or something like that. Sometimes, for some pies, chicken is chicken, potato is potato (get what I mean?). The ingredients in this seem to have blended with each other. Nice. Small though. Haha.

Quiche. OK. Haha.

Tea on Day 3. St Kilda. The Acland Cake Shop. You must eat Acland cakes when you are in St Kilda. Haha. There were so many cakes to choose from and we took the most popular ones recommended by the cute Chinese shop assistant. Nice, huge, creamy. Would have been perfect if we have chosen one fruity item 😛

Late lunch on Day 4. Roadtrip to The Great Ocean Road. Random family restaurant in a town (cannot remember which one). Our guide on this roadtrip valued time on the road more than food time, so we ended up having lunch really late (and he only gave us 20 minutes for lunch!) My sister’s choice of Apple Crumble. Very nice. I must say the cold cream complemented it very well.

My choice of Curry Pumpkin Soup. Very hot and thick. Nice warm garlic bread. Overall a bit exotic though. And challenging to wolf down in 20 minutes 😛

Breakfast on Day 6. Free & Easy days are great for a leisurely breakfast. Bacon Banana Crepe. Savory and sweet. Soft and crispy. Need I say more?

Egg Benedict. You cannot go wrong with this choice. Huge portion, huge egg, huge ham, huge bread! So full!

Late lunch/early Dinner on Day 6. Brunetti. Italian food. Lasagne. Hot.

Veggie Sandwich. Simple. Healthy.

Dinner on Day 7. Italian food in a restaurant in the city. Salmo Risotto. Tasted better than it looks in this picture 😛

Calamari. 😛 We saw many people in Melbourne having calamari and shrimps, so we thought we should try. We had better ones, I must say. Probably went to the wrong place 😛

Did I mention this Coke campaign in Melbourne? The packaging of the Coke bottles had names on them. We did not realise it until a lady at a supermarket told us that people were searching the shelves for their names! So cute, right? We tried to find ours but no fate lah. But it was a game we played whenever we visited Coles or any of the supermarkets in Melbourne 😛 Definitely cheap thrill!

Dinner on Day 8. Near our hotel. Herd mentality striked. Chose the restaurant with the most people. Delicious pasta. Surprisingly, Melbourne has good Italian food.

Delicious pizza. Like fried egg and ham on bread. Too big for two to finish though.

Tea on Day 9 (our last day in Melbourne :/) At Koko Black. At one of the arcades 🙂 Highly recommended hot chocolate by everyone!

Hot chocolate. Barista Style. Looks delicious even before you sip it 😛 Happy sipping!

Nothing beats flipping through a magazine while sipping a hot drink. I want to end with this picture taken off a magazine at Koko Black, which reminds me that while it’s fun snapping pictures of food, it’s important to appreciate the food and the company too 😛

“But however much we like photography – and this issue, as ever, is full of the good stuff, so you know we do – there’s a time and a place for everything. And we shouldn’t always be seeing the world with a camera lens in front of our eyes.”

I guess I did (I’m glad I did), because for some reasons, I did not have pictures of every meal we had in Melbourne…

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2 Responses to Melbourne: Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

  1. stellanyl says:

    I am travelling in May to Melbourne and i came across your post! The photos looks so “Delicious” and i can’t wait to go Australia! I enjoy the post and will take note of all those that you have mentioned =D

    • cyndichan says:

      Thanks! It’s been a while since I visited wordpress and just saw your message… Been so busy to see the world goes by these days! I hope you had fun in Melbourne and found happiness there 😛 I missed Melbourne!

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