Lomographic Beijing

I always try to bring along my Golden Half with me when I travel and indulge in some lomography.

Some of you may wonder what is lomography? There are some interesting definitions in Urban Dictionary and I kind of like: ‘strange and unusual photographs’, ‘primarily characterized by vignettes (blurry and faded edges), random subjects, and nonadherance to traditional photography rules’, ‘photography using any cheap or quirky cameras’ (not sure about the cheap part though :P).

Anyway, the Golden Half (GH)is a type of lomographic camera – a half-film camera (yes it is not digital and yes it runs on 35mm film). I need to take at least 72 photos before I finishes a roll of film and it usually takes me a few months to ‘develop’ and to ‘digitalise’ the pictures taken.

I take so long because often, I have a digital camera with me so sometimes: I am too lazy to bring both cameras out (usually GH will be left in the hotel room); I forget that I have GH in my bag and just use my dgital camera; the lighting is too poor to use GH (I don’t have a flash for the camera yet so if it’s too dark, the picture turns out really fuzzy or worse black so I don’t use it that much).

And now with my smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) which in my opinion takes nice pictures which I can upload easily in Facebook/Twitter using the free WiFi in the hotel room, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which equipment taking photos! It’s a happy problem though…

Anyway, I am inspired to press about my Beijing trip in April 2012 because I just collected the digitalized photos I took with GH in Taiwan (which I pressed about earlier – Solo) and Beijing – yes it took me  more than 6 months this time! Another challenge I faced is that not many photo shops can develop half-film photos and the one I usually go to is located in the CBD where I no longer work so now I need to make a special trip 😦

Enough said about GH, here’s lomographic Beijing! 🙂

F1000026 Great Wall of China (长城).

We didn’t really climb the 长城 – kind of ascend via cable ride and descend via slide. We did walked a stretch of the wall though.

It won’t be easy to forget the view that stretches on and on (it’s like seeing the Angkor Wat and the Colosseum, the kind of big memories that remain vaguely in your head many years later) – it’s great to be on top of the 长城 on a sunny day!

Olympics Park. Many people said that the architectures in Beijing are gigantic and I took it with a pinch of salt. It’s true!

It was a really sandy day (sand storm was blowing in our faces – really glad to have my shades with me then). Olympics Park (left) and peony (right) spotted in one of the gardens we visited.That’s the beauty about lomograhpy – you never know what pictures will turn out (and how) and which ones (and how) pictures are juxtaposed – you can try to plan for it but what’s the point? The surprise element is really the fun part of lomography.

798 art district. Cannot remember what I was trying to take for the picture below, probably an art piece, a statue perhaps. But kind of like how it has turned out 😛

Temple of Heaven (天坛)- I kind of like the sound of it… with the 仙女 (fairies :)) or 宫女 (palace maids 😛 –  no offence, just trying to tie it in with the theme of the pictures) who have been with me to a few wonders of the world already…

Well well… I thought Beijing kind of suits lomography (or vice versa)… without the blurry and faded effects, the city is already kind of fuzzy with air pollution and sand storm, heavy traffic, armies of people… For me, it was not like at first sight – Beijing is an acquired taste, you will fall in like with it as you spend more time in the imperial city…

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