I landed in Stockholm on 23 Oct!

It’s been 2-3 weeks since I came back from Stockholm, and I spent some of the last 2o-ish days going through the many photos taken, wondering what to press.

It’s kind of challenging to press about a one-month vacation spent in some 6 cities. Should I create a top 10 list of each cities, or should I upload top 10 fave photos? Or should I do it chronologically, or should I do it geographically? hmmmm…guess I will just go with the flow and press whatever comes to mind. So my first day in Stockholm went like this…

IMG_0013a IMG_0014
The path we have to take to get to and fro my brother’s hostel to the metro station – it cuts through the University of Stockholm. Still a pretty walk in the day in late Autumn, but can get really harsh in the winter night. Glad to have caught a bit of Autumn and Winter in Scandinavia – it’s kind of surreal to have leaves flying around me one day and then snow falling on me the very next day, to see a tree full of golden leaves on my first day and then barren on my last day.

IMG_0018 IMG_0019
My brother and I. Dinner at a Scandinavian restaurant. My brother hated it when I took pictures of food because he said everyone will think we are ‘weird’ 😛

IMG_0021 IMG_0020
Strong flavors, surprisingly! I had expected food that taste healthier – less salt, less sugar, less oil, less… Had a seafood stew (left) – needed some comfort food to help me adjust to the 30 degree-celsius difference!

IMG_0025a IMG_0026
After dinner we strolled around Stockholm Central, which I passes by almost everyday when I am in the city – it’s really the heart of Stockholm where the airport train/bus, inter-city train, shopping centers are, and within walking distance to many of the attractions! Picture on the left is taken at one of the shopping streets (yes, happy halloween! :)) and on the right is Sergels Torg, the most central public square in Stockholm.

Last activity of the night: a free (tips are encouraged though) guided walking tour of Gamla Stan (the old town). For some reasons, I did not take any pictures. Probably due to jet-lag or I might have been trying to focus and orientate myself to the city which was to be my new home for a month…


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