Across the Baltic Sea

Many said that the best way to arrive at Helsinki is from the sea. So I took an overnight ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, and took in the sunset and sunrise on the Baltic sea.

Hello Helsinki!

Sunset at departure from Stockholm.

Sunrise on the way to Helsinki.

Silja Serenade, the ferry which took me across the Baltic Sea.

I think overnight ferry is a good option when it comes to travelling in Scandinavia:

– Nicer (compared to train),  thanks to all the f&b, entertainment(including free wi-fi) and shopping on board

– Save time (about 13 hours journey) and double up as an accommodation for a night. The bad thing is noisy neighbours, whom I unfortunately met. But I can understand that they are probably very excited about their weekend trip

– Save money, especially during low seasons. I got a 40% discount off my ferry tickets, a promotion that comes with my eurail pass

Definitely an experience to explore Northern Europe and cross the Baltic sea the way they did in the Viking age!

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Write for a living. Live for travel, run and art. Just back from the snow festival in Hokkaido!
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