Hello Helsinki

I guess no one will say that they want to go to Helsinki to see this or that. There are no world-renown attractions in the city. I did enjoyed my 4 days stay though.

Snowed the day before, so there were specks of white around the city. Got the Helsinki Card onboard my ferry. Took the sightseeing tour (comes with the card) which stopped at 2 places.

Temppeliaukio Church – one of the most unusual churches I have seen in Europe. It is also known as ‘Rock Church’. As its name implies, it is built with rocks! Beautiful!
IMG_0330 IMG_0341IMG_0343 IMG_0346

Also stopped at the Sibelius Monument dedicated to a famous finnish composer, Jean Sibelius. Pretty abstract and different from the usual statues we see of famous beings.
IMG_0354 IMG_0355IMG_0357 IMG_0361

Took the tram to the Uspenski Cathedral after the 2-hour tour. Tram 3B and 3T will bring you to the interesting attractions in the city – a cheap and great way to explore Helsinki!

Think Finland was occupied by Russia for a period, hence this original Russian Orthodox Church is a piece of that history. Elaborate church – both inside and outside – located on top of a hill. Nice view – you can see the other famous church Helsinki Cathedral.
IMG_0370 IMG_0377

Can you see the leaves falling from these trees? Was a pretty sight which I wanted to capture on camera while waiting for the tram to return to the city square. Did not managed to do so, I guess 😛 Just imagine. Heh.

Did you know that Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012? I heard about it from a Finnish couple who I met in Melbourne last year. Did not expected myself to visit Helsinki so soon though 🙂

Like the Ateneum which houses European art, especially works of the Finnish artists. Well curated, I thought. Comprehensive, yet not overwhelming. One of the happiest things about this trip in Scandinavia is the chance to learn more about Scandinavian artists and see their works.
IMG_0406 IMG_0409

Wanted to visit another museum after the Ateneum. But most museums close by 5pm so I decided to just walk around since the weather was great. The good thing about travelling solo and free & easy – just follow your heart 🙂 Below left: square opposite the Ateneum. Next to it is the main train station.
IMG_0410 IMG_0412

Ended the day with lamb pasta. Apparently lamb is the catch of the season. Did enjoyed most of my meals in Helsinki and tried some exotic stuff!

I like Helsinki. It has this quiet and quirky vibe that runs through the city. Definitely a unique experience – looking forward to press more about Helsinki to round-up 2012 and welcome 2013 🙂

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4 Responses to Hello Helsinki

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    I think I see the leaves falling from the trees on your shot.

  2. Sartenada says:

    Well, Helsinki is in Finland, but it is not all the Finland, because there is life outside it. Best places are outside and maybe in the North most parts of it.

    I give two examples here:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle 2012

    Old church at Petajavesi


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