Tallinn on coach

It was white and snowing lightly when I arrived in Tallinn! A lovely day in the medieval town of Estonia. Started off with a small misadventure though – I could not find the coach I was supposed to board for the guided tour and felt a bit panicky! The Tallinn people were not as friendly as the Suomenlinna people (see earlier post – Suomenlinna Story), and I was a bit upset with the ferry staff for not helping me more. All well ends well and I managed to catch the coach in time 🙂

Half the guided tour was on the coach, and the other was on foot.  I am usually sceptical with photos taken on coaches – often reflections and stains will appear in the pictures. But Tallinn is such a beautiful town (especially after 3 days of snow), reflections or no reflections, stains or no stains. I like how the pictures turned out, special in their own ways.

On the road in Tallinn. Shadows cast on the houses. Slanted roofs covered with snow. A pretty sight. Learnt why most roofs in Scandinavia (and probably where it will snow) are built this way – snow on roofs must be cleared removed frequently or they will freeze and become heavy, and may even fall on passer-by! And slanted roofs make it easier to do so. Hmmm…IMG_0603
IMG_0604 IMG_0605

Festival Ground which hosts a big festival every few years. Serves as a ‘play’ ground otherwise, I guess.IMG_0610

Coach stop at the Festival Ground. Pictures with snow turned out really bright and very radiant. Could be due to light reflection. Pretty!IMG_0612
IMG_0614 IMG_0615
IMG_0617 IMG_0618

Continued on the coach journey… The combination of whites and blues makes objects stand out!
IMG_0624 IMG_0630
IMG_0632 IMG_0634

Near the end of the coach journey, and about to reach the Medieval Old Town. IMG_0636 IMG_0637

The rest of the Tallinn trip continued on foot, which I will press about later. Like the ‘special’ effects e.g. snow water flowing down in the midst of some pictures, light blue reflections and spotlights on others, reflections of the view from the other side of the coach for some, and lomo-ee/shadow-ee borders of a few…

Well, sometimes it’s about making the best of the circumstances, and living with it, I guess 🙂

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