I survived Iceland

I survived Iceland

Survived Iceland? How not to when there are beautiful waterfalls, mountains, geysers, glaciers, lagoons, northern lights? Perhaps the sub-zero temperature and short day-light, not life-threatening really (will press more about Reykjavik in 2013).

In my final press in the last hour of 2012, this picture is really more symbolic of the past 365 days. I survived 2012, in ways beyond my imagination. I travelled more (over 60 days, about 50 days on vacation) to more countries (Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland) than I have ever visited in a year. And for more than half of these journeys, I travelled solo. My brother was with me for some – it has been a long time since we last travelled together.

There is life beyond travelling, and I survived too. I came across this quote by William Thomas and found it meaningful – It wouldn’t be New Year’s if I didn’t have regrets. Indeed, such is life. But I wouldn’t want more time to live 2012, or time to stand still. It has been a year I am proud of, for better or worse.

2013 will be a great year too. I want to eat (more) pray (more) love (more) literally. I hope you will too, and I know you can. Happy New Year, everyone!


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Write for a living. Live for travel, run and art. Just back from the snow festival in Hokkaido!
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