Tallinn on foot

A wall divides medieval and modern in Tallinn, as I found out during the other half of the guided tour on foot.


Inside the wall:
Upper old town –  some russian and german influence.
IMG_0641 IMG_0643

Bird’s eye view of lower old town from upper old town.IMG_0649 IMG_0652

Life in old town.
IMG_0655 IMG_0662

Dome of town hall inside the old town. Behind are skyscrapers outside the wall.

Lower old town:reminds me of the towns in Tuscany, Italy. Quaint touch.
IMG_0675 IMG_0687IMG_0679 IMG_0731

Designated gates to enter/exit the old town.
IMG_0729  IMG_0736

Outside the wall:
Modern influence. Understand that no new buildings are allowed to be built in the old town.
IMG_0734  IMG_0746

It’s interesting to see two worlds inside and outside the wall, in Tallinn old town.


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Likes to travel. Wants to travel solo one day (I did it in 2012!).
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