At peace in Senaatintori

Helsinki Senate Square (Senaatintori in Finnish) exuded a serenity compared to many squares in Europe. Was glad because it gave me the space to bask in its beauty.

The square is located in the heart of Helsinki, so I expected it to be really busy. Perhaps it was because I visited early in the morning and due to the low season travel. Helsinki Cathedral, Government Palace and the University of Helsinki flank the square, and this is the oldest part of the city.
IMG_0780 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0824

I really like Helsinki Cathedral. It’s beautiful because it is such a simple church. It was a joy to just sit, do nothing, listen to its acoustic and absorb the quiet energy in the air. IMG_0790 IMG_0797 IMG_0791 IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794

Also popped into the National Library of Finland which is on the other side of the Helsinki Cathedral. It’s the most ‘medieval’ and beautiful library I have been to. A pity most of the books are in Finnish though. Enjoyed exploring it, and absorbing its calming energy too!IMG_0798
IMG_0805 IMG_0808IMG_0806 IMG_0816IMG_0820 IMG_0822

Did not expect a visit to Senaatintori to be so rejuvenating… From that moment, I think I really settled into my one-month trip in Scandinavia, and left everything (whatever that means) behind…

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