Bye the south harbour!

The ferry terminal is near the south harbour, where one usually arrives and departs from Helsinki via Stockholm. I thought it appropriate to end my last press on Helsinki with some sightings around the south harbour.

Esplanadi (Esplanade Park). I recall that it was peppered with snow on my first day in Helsinki, when the guided tour bus stopped to pick up people. I thought it was a pretty sight from the bus. Can imagine its splendor come spring and summer.
IMG_0774 IMG_0770 IMG_0421 IMG_0759IMG_0577

Market Square, where I boarded my ferry to Suomenlinna and where people just hang out.
IMG_0564 IMG_0565 IMG_0568  IMG_0866

IMG_0779 IMG_0778

Havis Amanda by Ville Vallgren. Can imagine it will be a different scenery come spring and summer when the fountain starts.
IMG_0572 IMG_0771

Old Market Hall. Delicious food. Wish I had discovered it earlier.
IMG_0864 IMG_0860IMG_0858 IMG_0862

Had the most delicious pastry here (right). And yes, I did try reindeer meat, in the form of a wrap for one of my dinners.
IMG_0861 IMG_0877

Path to Olympia Terminal. There’s also a path designated for bicycles. 

From the ferry. Parting shot of Helsinki. Bye the south harbour!

There are, of course, more to my Helsinki trip. But I guess one can only press so much about a 4-day trip, and I think I have pressed enough (at least for now) and it’s time to move on to other journeys. I’m sure Finland has much more to offer than Helsinki, and there are always reason to return. Till then, south harbour!

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