Back Holm

Stockholm was my base in Scandinavia. I always go back holm for a few days in between trips to the neighbouring Scandinavia cities. Did not have plans for the afternoon back from Helsinki, so I decided to go to Gamla Stan, the old town I visited time and again in Stockholm. Here’s sightings of that late afternoon walk from Stockholm central.

Gustav Adolf Square. Clockwise: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Palace from far, Statue of Gustav II Adolf, Royal Opera House. So much construction on-going. 
IMG_0899 IMG_0901IMG_0902 IMG_0904

Jacobs Square (Jacobs Torg) with St Jacobs Church (Sankt Jacobs Kyrka) and nearby King’s Gardens (Kungsträdgården). Tranquil square. Had brunch at the cafe next to the church one day, and really enjoyed it.
IMG_0911 IMG_0915

Stockholm River. Feeding birds and fishing. Surprised that the currents were really strong.
IMG_0932 IMG_0916

Bridge to Gamla Stan.

Gamla Stan. Sun was setting by the time I reached the old town. Charming in a way. Had fun popping in and out of shops.

Window shopping. Dala Horses spotted in one of the many shops along the main shopping street in the old town. Wanted to get one but they are really expensive – about SGD20 for the smallest!

Then I went to meet my brother for dinner at this Japanese restaurant near his school. If the Dala Horses are expensive, so are the ramen. About SGD60 for 2 huge bowls of ramen! Phew.


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Write for a living. Live for travel, run and art. Just back from the snow festival in Hokkaido!
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16 Responses to Back Holm

  1. Kristina Sjögren says:

    Thanks for dropping by. I love your pics!

  2. Kristina Sjögren says:

    PS: I’m off to Singapore in March!

  3. odilets says:

    wow! Stockholm isn’t cheap at all…
    Thanks for this article! 🙂
    I thought that it would be snowing… but I guess not xD
    Would you say that Gamla Stan is the best part of visiting Stockholm?

    • cyndichan says:

      I was there in October – November, and it only snowed once. It should be snowing more now 🙂 Gamla Stan is a nice area in Stockholm, where you can ‘fika’ (means chill in Sweden). I would say ‘fika’ is the best part of visitng Stockholm, and the best thing about Stockholm is the wide variety of things you can do there! Are you planning to visit Stockholm?

      • odilets says:

        What brought you to Stockholm though?
        I do plan on visiting Stockholm, but probably not any time soon.
        I was born in Singapore, and I know quite a bit of the culture 🙂
        How would you describe Swedes?
        My dream is to visit Sweden haha, so I’m researching first.
        and wow…60 SGD for ramen? That’s insane!!

      • cyndichan says:

        hey hey. my brother is studying in Stockholm, so I went to visit him and use stockholm as a base to travel around Scandinavia.

        Most Swedes are friendly, maybe not upfront, but they are happy to help you if you ask. Some of them are really helpful though. Some can be quite firm and no-nonsense -maybe that’s why it’s quite an efficient country. Yes, they speak good English (that’s the answer to the the question most of my friends asked).

        It did cost about 60SGD for two of us but it’s a huge portion though! 🙂 it costs about the same in Denmark, so I reckon that’s normal. We were craving for Asian food then, so I guess it’s ok 😛 There are less expensive food around, maybe about 10-15SGD. Lunch may be a good time to feast though with their lunch set. Good coffee/cake is reasonable, about 6SGD. McDonalds Value Meal is about 15SGD 🙂

      • odilets says:

        I know that Singapore is very tough when it comes to education. At the end, it’s either Nanyang, or international school.
        I guess that was part of the reason why I decided to leave SG.
        Does he attend Stockholm University?
        It’s cool that you have someone that goes there, it makes it easier to go there and get around.

        There aren’t many Asians there, but do you find Swedes accepting, and comfortable around Asians?

        It’s good that Swedish portions are generous 🙂 65 Dollars for coffee and cake? That’s insane!

        And lastly, how would you say Swedes are different than Singaporeans? In what ways?

        Thanks for replying to my previous comment..I really appreciate all the information you’re giving to me 🙂


      • cyndichan says:

        Hi Odile! My brother is studying at the National University of Singapore and was in Stockholm on a student exchange programme in the Stockholm School of Economics.
        I think the Swedes get along well with Asians (there are really more Asians in Stockholm than you think), and they are more relaxed than Singaporeans 🙂
        65 SGD is way too much for coffee and cake! They are reasonable, about 6 SGD each (Starbucks price) 😛

      • odilets says:

        Hei Cyndi!

        oooh..that is interesting then 🙂 Does your like the exchange program in Stockholm? Does he like it there?

        There are always Asians everywhere haha. There’s literally a Chinatown in every nation. It’s fascinating!

        I misread it..ahhh! It makes sense now- 6SGD 🙂

        Besides the Swedes being more relaxed, what do you think of the fashion of Sweden? Do you think it’s unique in any way, or just boring?

        Thanks again for your help 🙂


      • cyndichan says:

        Hi Odile, I think he enjoyed the programme and found it challenging. He probably found life in Stockholm a bit expensive for a student. It was a good opportunity for him to explore North Europe though.
        As for fashion in Sweden, I would say they are trendy, and have their local/nordic brands/designs. I don’t see many people with LV/Gucci/Prada in Sweden, compared to Italy or France.

      • odilets says:

        Hey Cyndi!
        I thought that the education in Singapore was definitely very difficult, but if your brother says that it’s hard in Stockholm…then wow!
        Did you manage to buy a few items from the fashion stores there?
        I like it when brands aren’t so obvious 🙂


      • cyndichan says:

        I bought stuff from COS and the usuals from H&M. Nice local designs but a tad too expensive for me! 😛

  4. odilets says:

    and you are from Singapore? “SGD”

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