One of my favorite days in Stockholm, a day to explore the islands – Riddarholmen, Kungsholmen island, Skeppsholmen – and visit Ikea! Did I mention in my previous presses that Stockholm is made up of many islands?

Riddarholmen island (The Knights’ Islet – what a nice name!) where Riddarholmskyrkan (The Riddarholmen Church) is. 

The Stockholm Card Guide: Stockholm’s only remaining medieval abbey, built in the late 1200s. The church is the last resting place of the Swedish monarchs and aristocracy, including Gustav II Adolf, Karl XII, Gustav V and their consorts. IMG_0953 IMG_0959IMG_0957 IMG_0958

Short walk from Riddarholmen island to Kungsholmen island. IMG_0983

Kungsholmen island where Stadshuset (Stockhom City Hall) is.

The Stockholm Card Guide: The City Hall is one of the best known symbols of the city. The Nobel Banquet takes place in the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall. You can only visit the City Hall by tours. 
IMG_0985 IMG_0987

Blue Hall. If you look closely, it resembles an italian piazza with courtyard, fountain etc. It’s interesting how it was meant to be painted blue (hence its name) but was not.
IMG_1002 IMG_1036

Golden Hall. Truly reflective of its name. Had an asian/middle-eastern feel about it. There’s an interesting story behind it too!  

Council Chamber (left) designed inspired by the Viking age (rather ship-like) and the Three Crowns Chamber (right). Did you know chandelier means a crown in swedish, hence three chaneliers in this chamber? Ah, symbols of the swedish coat of arms everywhere in the City Hall!
IMG_1005 IMG_1025

The Prince’s Gallery overlooking the inneryard and some of the nearby islands.

Pretty inner yard. Nice view. Really cold and windy though. Phew.
IMG_0989 IMG_0992
IMG_0997 IMG_0995

Flag bearing St Erik, Patron Saint of Stockholm.  

Nice lunch near central Stockholm before Ikea. I like this salad with rice and shrimp (cannot recall its name though). One of the cheapest meals (comes with a drink) I had in Stockhom (about 20 SGD). Huge portion – had to pack half for my brother’s dinner! 😛IMG_1057

Took the free bus to Ikea at a bus stop opposite the Central Station. It has free wifi! So many people were queing for the bus. I don’t know why but I do not have any pictures of Ikea in my camera. I reckon you can imagine – it’s just bigger, much bigger e.g. the food market is 4-5 times the size of Singapore’s!

Central Station at 1pm and 3pm (before and after Ikea).  
IMG_1062 IMG_1066

Almost dark by the time I reached Skeppsholmen where the Moderna Museet is. Daylight is getting shorter by the day 😦 Some night (late afternoon :p) shots of Stockholm. Had to pass this bridge with the crown to reach Skeppsholmen. Come to think of it, it’s so different from  Singapore where we usually cross overhead short bridges over roads and in Stockholm, these bridges are long and built over the Stockholm river!IMG_1069IMG_1072 IMG_1073

The walk from the metro was much longer than I expected! And not many fellow beings (maybe 1 or 2 or 3?) with me. So it’s me, dim street lights, centuries-old buildings…At times like this, I wonder where I got the courage to travel solo at night (it’s only 4pm but then…) I guess we are often stronger/braver than we think we are, and we choose to hide behind our fragility which ironically ‘shields’ us.IMG_1075

The Stockholm Card Guide: Experience one of Europe’s premier collections of art from the 20th century until today, with artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Matisse. IMG_1076 IMG_1079

Moderna Museet in the dark. I’m quite impressed by the ongoing exhibitions and wished I had reached earlier so I have more time to see them.Otherwise, a great day in Stockholm. A pity it’s not that sunny, a bit gloomy in fact. I tell myself I must be contented. It cannot be sunny everyday right? Then where’s the fun? 😛


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