To Oslo

My first outbound train from Stockholm. To Oslo.

Getting into backpacking mood 😛 Heavy. At Stockholm Central Station. Modern and efficient. Trains always leave on the DOT. IMG_1080

Pulling into one of the many stations along the way.IMG_1081IMG_1088 IMG_1089

Long ride. Watched a few episodes of Taiwanese drama (which I missed in Singapore 😦 ) Glad I could charge my phone on the train (didn’t remember having that when I was in Italy) as well as scenic views 🙂 Stockholm is very modern so we don’t really get to see such scenery.
IMG_1090 IMG_1091IMG_1092 IMG_1093IMG_1094 IMG_1095

Reached Oslo at about 3pm. Met bro’s friend HY who brought us to her hostel, our home in Oslo. It was almost dark by the time we left for our first proper tour of the city. Sunset (kind of) At the metro station near the hostel.
IMG_1096 IMG_1097

Opera House  is our first stop. Many people were hanging around.Oslo_Opera House2

A group photo to remember the night. Thanks for being such a nice host, and the lovely homecook chicken corn soup – definitely one of the best dinners I had in Scandinavia! 🙂

No matter where we go, it’s always great to meet fellow Singaporeans 🙂

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