Lomographic Scandinavia

A break from my usual presses. A lomographic gallery of pictures taken in Scandinavia.

Taken with Golden Half loaded with Color X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm film.

Here’s the entire roll of pictures, uncensored.


F1000001 F1000002F1000004 F1000005F1000003

Stockholm to Helsinki

F1000006F1000007 F1000008F1000009 F1000010


F1000011 F1000012 F1000013 F1000014 F1000015

Tallinn to Oslo

F1000016F1000017 F1000018F1000019 F1000020

Oslo to Uppsala

F1000021F1000022 F1000023

Cannot recall where these were taken. Probably Stockholm.

F1000024 F1000025


F1000026 F1000027

Copenhagen to Malmo

F1000028 F1000029



Lund to Reykjavik

F1000031F1000032 F1000033

Had to juggle 3 cameras (digital, smart phone and lomo). So the lomo was seldom used. Had to remove my gloves to use it. Too cold. Perhaps I should have taken more.

Love the contrast of brilliance and dullness, random pairing of pictures and the occasional blackout (might have forgotten to remove the lens cover).

That’s life, I guess. Sometimes bright, sometimes dim and sometimes dark.

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1 Response to Lomographic Scandinavia

  1. cyndichan says:

    I have almost forgotten how beautiful Scandinavia is in Winter. Really glad I took these pictures with the Golden Half. Such precious memories….

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