Ski and Ship

Here’s a press on ski and ship and Oslo!

On our third day, we went to Holmenkollen to see ‘the blue and the green and the city in between’, at least according to the Oslo Pass 2012 guide. ‘On top of the new ski hill, you can experience 360 degree panoramic views of the city, the fjord and forest. In addition, you will find the world’s oldest ski museum…’


A pity that the sky was foggy. We did not get to see the promised views. Such is nature. It was also too early  a season to ski (although I doubt very much that we will take that leap of faith even if we were given the chance, being the amateur skiers we are :P)Nevertheless a good experience to feel the Norwegians’ love for skiing and be inspired by how strong they are – physically and psychologically.

IMG_1163 IMG_1166

And on our last day, we visited Frammuseet (The Polar Ship Fram) and Kon-Tiki Museet (The Kon-Tiki Museum).

Oslo Pass 2012 guide: Come to Fram and journey to the North or South Pole! Amazing stories from the Arctic and Antarctica still takes the breath away from large and small…


Fram tells the stories of how beings conquer nature – a priceless experience that sometimes comes at too high a price, at least for me. It reminded me of The Vasa (Warship Worship), both amazing in their own ways…

IMG_1223 IMG_1217

Oslo Pass 2012 guide: Heyerdahl gained world fame when he crossed the Pacific in 1947 with Kon-Tiki. Spectacular races with reed boats Ra and Tigris followed. With his pre-historic sailing journeys, he showed that early humans mastered the sail before the invention of the saddle and wheel. The museum houses the original Kon-Tiki raft, the reed boat Ra II and exhibitions on Easter island… Strange that the movie ‘Life of Pi’ comes to mind as I press.

IMG_1219 IMG_1220

Norwegians are very adventurous people. At least that was the feeling I got during my very short visit to Oslo.

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