The Royal Palace, Stockholm

Spent a short day (daylight was getting shorter in mid November) at The Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) in Stockholm after brunch (see Brunchinstockholm).

I thought the ticket to the palace was really worth its price – it also covered entry to Tre Kronor Museum and The Treasury as well as a special exhibition on Princess Estelle, child of Crown Princess Victoria. The good thing is the ticket is valid for 1 week so you can take your time to complete your visit, and not have to rush through the palace in a day which can be quite overwhelming!

It was a lovely day, perfect for a short walk to the palace via the Norrbro bridge. I  approached via the northern facade of the palace, known as Lejonbacken. The Tre Kronor Museum is located at this part of the palace and it was interesting to learn how the palace has changed over the centuries – one built on top of/next to another as it expanded/modernised for the better or destroyed/burned down for the worse.IMG_1242

Passing by the Parliament building on the right. To the left is Norrmalm, an island where the Grand Hotel and National Museum are located.IMG_1250 IMG_1252

Was just in time to catch the changing of guards ceremony which takes place at noon everyday. Nothing too spectacular. Just a check off the tourist list of to-see 🙂
IMG_1256 IMG_1258

The square where it took place was pretty though. A nice shot of Stockholm Cathedral in the background. I found it quite tough to get a good angle of the cathedral from the old town because the streets surrounding it were quite narrow! IMG_1259

Southern facade faces Slottsbacken, a street in Gamla Stan the old town. IMG_1263

This is my favourite facade. Clockwise: Back of Stockholm Cathedral and the Obelisk; The Treasury where I joined a free guided tour to see a small but solid collection; statue of Gustav III by the quay; a wide shot of the street where Tessin Palace is to the left.IMG_1266 IMG_1269IMG_1278 IMG_1284

I enjoyed walking by the quay too. Stockholm always showered me with great weather whenever I am in town – very thankful for the sunny day indeed.IMG_1294

Great views of the Stockholm islands. Top: Norrmalm with the National Museum with a good collection of european renaissance art; Bottom: Skeppsholmen with the Modern Museum which I pressed about earlier (see Adayinstockholm).
IMG_1288 IMG_1300IMG_1295 IMG_1297

The Stockholm Card Guide: The official residence of His Majesty the King was constructed in the 18th century. Visit the Reception Rooms with their magnificent interiors from the 18th and 19th Centuries, the Hall of State with Queen Christina’s silver throne, and the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry.

Joined a guided tour of the Royal Palace. It was great – I learnt so much about the swedish monarchy (and I learnt later in Denmark that the monarchies in this part of the world, and now I kind of struggle over the use of the term scandinavia or nordic). Beautiful interior, more beautiful than the exterior I thought. Photography was not allowed in many parts of the palace. Here are some I took while waiting for the tour to start in the more ‘open’ area. I leave you to imagine its grandeur. IMG_1310 IMG_1313IMG_1311

Parting shot of the Royal Palace of the day, about 4pm. I kind of like the quiet and reluctant ambience at this time.Stockholm_Royal Palace

A shot at dusk (4+pm only!). Riddarholmen Church. IMG_1335

Another shot at dusk. Extremme right: Kungsholmen (Stockholm City Hall); Extreme left: Riddarholmen (Riddarholmen Church).Stockholm_Town Hall

And some swedish sweets to end the press. Spotted on the way back to Stockholm Central. Had one -sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Have a sweet week ahead, everyone!
IMG_1344 IMG_1345IMG_1346 IMG_1347


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