To Uppsala

Decided to go on a day trip to Uppsala. It was really easy and fast – about 40 minutes via train. This press is about the Central Station in Stockholm though. Uppsala will follow shortly.

Spot the headphone on the statue outside the Central Station?IMG_1348

Close-up 😛IMG_1350

Missed the earlier train to Uppsala, so decided to have brunch while waiting for the next train.

Robert’s Coffee is one of my favorite cafes at the Central Station (and maybe Stockholm :P).  Went there for 3 times in one month. There’s an electronic board for boarding times, so you won’t miss your train.

The waiting area at the Central Station is always bright and clean. It is separated from the platforms and does not give me a feeling of chaos unlike some train stations in Europe.IMG_1353

The platforms are darker (and more solemn) though.IMG_1362IMG_1360 IMG_1359

My train to Uppsala!
IMG_1363 IMG_1372

Bright and clean too. Everyone was so occupied – busy reading newspaper, typing on their laptop or toying with their smart phones… I was busy taking pictures and enjoying the views 😛

See you (in my next press) at Uppsala! 🙂IMG_1375


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One Response to To Uppsala

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Not long time ago I went from Stockholm Central to Arlanda, I also like the place.

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