I can still see the sky of Old Uppsala

Uppsala is a small university  town in Sweden that is 40 minutes away from Stockholm by train. Except for Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) which is a bus ride away, most attractions can be found around the university, a short walk from the train station.

Arrived at Uppsala Train Station. More quaint compared to the Central Station at Stockholm (see To Uppsala). Nice in its own way. IMG_1381

Great weather again. I think Sweden loves me. Haha. This installation outside the train station made me want to dance! All signs that it was to be a good good day.IMG_1382

After a chat with the friendly beings at the Tourist Information Centre, I decided to visit Old Uppsala first before dark. Must buy a bus ticket before boarding the bus – the driver does not accept any cash, only local card payment. Had a little problem buying ticket from the machine – everything was in Swedish! I managed somehow (phew and missed a bus in the process).

First glimpse of Gamla Uppsala – nothing like my imagination. I thought it would be a medieval town like that of Tallinn or even Gamla Stan. Burial mounds instead. Ah.IMG_1392

A few places you can explore in Gamla Uppsala. I only had 90 minutes as the bus ticket was valid for a return trip till then. I did not buy an extra ticket earlier and machines were nowhere to be seen. Sigh.IMG_1395

Taken from the cathedral. See part of the churchyard? My first time in a churchyard – it felt surreal to see such beautiful graves so close.IMG_1396

The cathedral at old Uppsala. IMG_1399IMG_1397IMG_1401

I felt surrounded by the sky in old Uppsala. I felt like I could touch the sky if I stretched a bit more. I felt like I were protected (although I felt a bit nervous in old Uppsala – hardly any beings around). I don’t know how to describe that feeling. But it was a good feeling.IMG_1404

Sun still rising on the other side of the burial mounds.IMG_1405

Gamla Uppsala Museum.

Traces of Viking history.IMG_1423

Where beings live. Must be lovely to live around old Uppsala. Such beautiful sky (everyday, I imagine).IMG_1407

Parting shot of Gamla Uppsala. A long shot from town but I’m glad I came. IMG_1427

I think I can still see the sky of Old Uppsala.


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Likes to travel. Wants to travel solo one day (I did it in 2012!).
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