Heart of Uppsala

Uppsala University, the heart of Uppsala.

On my way to Uppsala University, guided by Uppsala domkyrka. The Uppsala Cathedral  is the tallest church building in Scandinavia.IMG_1428

Opposite the cathedral is Gustavianum, a museum. Used to be the main building of Uppsala University.IMG_1430

At the entrance of the cathedral. Hmmm.. no frontal shot of the cathedral in my camera – must have been too tall for my camera to capture!IMG_1433 IMG_1434

Huge. Dark. Reminded me of the duomos in Italy.IMG_1435IMG_1437 IMG_1438 IMG_1440 IMG_1441

Lovely cathedral cafe. It’s my first time in one. Quiet. Beings whisper. Shy smiles. Lovely chai latte and brownie. IMG_1445

One of my biggest takeaways from Sweden is fika. We have to give ourselves more afternoon treats. So I try to fika more these days while I have time…IMG_1452 IMG_1455

Getting a nice view from my high table and high chair.IMG_1454

I think this is the current main building of the university. IMG_1460

A university town won’t be complete without bicycles (my personal opinion). I never had the chance to cycle back in campus… hmmm…

Botanical garden. Quiet.IMG_1466

Library. Quiet.IMG_1472

Uppsala castle. I like how the balding trees gave the castle a gothic feel. Won’t be able to get such shots in summer/early fall.

Uppsala Cathedral from the castle.IMG_1479

Parting shot of Uppsala.  Prefer this to the first picture taken in the afternoon. Pretty sight with the little windows all lit up.IMG_1483

So this is how a university town is like. Did I mention in my earlier presses that I met two young ladies from India who are studying in Uppsala University when I was in Helsinki? Very sweet girls who saw that I was alone and helped me take pictures. Here’s a shout out to them: Nice campus and city you have there! 🙂


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