Halls and chambers

It’s been a weekend packed with activities, and I was thinking of taking a break from the DPchallenge. But it has become a habit (sort of) to press everyday since December, so here I am. A short press of halls and chambers in Christiansborg Palace.

At the entrance, where we were asked to put plastic over our boots. Thought it was a smart practice (especially in Winter when the feet are going to be wet and muddy and…)IMG_1588

Red carpet that leads you up to the halls and chambers.IMG_1591

Beautiful piano spotted in one of the chambers… IMG_1592

The chambers where the thrones are…

The Great Hall, I think… Beautiful…IMG_1597

One of the chambers where they host dinners. I like the idea of having leg rests under the table.We have them in the school benches. Never thought this feature in a palace though…
IMG_1606 IMG_1608

I like how the sunlight shines through the full-length windows… IMG_1620

And the many mirrors in the chambers…IMG_1619

Very nice play/display of shadows and reflections in the chambers, I thought.IMG_1610

View of tower from inside the palace…IMG_1616

Angels in one of the chambers…IMG_1611

And birds in the library…IMG_1614

Very happy to see the sun when I left the palace 🙂IMG_1637

Square opposite the palace where I took the canal tour (will press about that later).IMG_1648

Shot of the palace from the square. Next to it is the royal cathedral if I’m not wrong. Out of bounds to visitors at this time though…IMG_1652

And this sums up my first morning in Copenhagen (see also Kobenhav)…

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2 Responses to Halls and chambers

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Don’t forget to visit Little Mermaid 🙂

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