Rosenborg Slot

Popped over to Rosenborg Castle after Statens Museum for Kunst. Found it to be one of the better conserved castles in Copenhagen. Was surprised to find that one can download a guide to the castle (free wi-fi available) so we can tour the castle on our own easily. A pity I had to rush through the visit as the castle closed early for a private event the day I visited.

Like the park (Rosenborg Have) surrounding the castle. Very pretty, even though it was spring turning winter.IMG_1788IMG_1813IMG_1814

Copenhagen Card Guide 2012-2013: Rosenborg Castle was built between 1606-34 as a private country palace for Christian IV. In 1838, the castle was opened as a museum of the history of the royal palace. A tour of the castle is a journey through the history of Denmark from 1600 to 1863. Each room is furnished and decorated as it would have been during the reigns of the various kings with portraits, furniture, glass, porcelain and other ornamentation. IMG_1789IMG_1793 IMG_1794 IMG_1807

Did not take any pictures inside the castle though. Cannot recall if it is not allowed or must pay for permission to take pictures. Rosenborg castle is smaller than I thought. I think it is more of a residential castle than one for hosting guests…

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2 Responses to Rosenborg Slot

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    I like walking at Rosenborg plae as ewell, your photos are very nice

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