The Round Tower

Walked to Rundetaarn (The Round Tower) from Rosenborg Slot. It reminded me of the domes in Italy – you are rewarded with a good view of the city after a good climb.

Finally reached the tower after a 20-minutes walk, just in time for sunset…the tower is located in a shopping area – spotted H&M around the corner…IMG_1820

Copenhagen Card 2012-2013: Rundetaarn (The Round Tower) is Europe’s oldest functioning observatory, and stars have been gazed at here since it was built by Christian IV in 1642.

So the climb started. Copenhagen Card 2012-2013: A viewing platform runs around the observatory, overlooking Copenhagen’s old Latin Quarter. A unique, whitewashed helical corridor leads to the top of the tower…IMG_1830

Reflections along the way…IMG_1836

How nice it would be to sit by the window with a cuppa and see the world go round the tower!

Finally at the top! It’s an ok climb 😛

Nice view. Really glad it was not foggy that day.IMG_1845IMG_1854

More reflections at the top…IMG_1846

Pretty sunset… Like how the sunset  made everything looked warmer and more romantic…Cold though…IMG_1851IMG_1860IMG_1868

Down the tower, into the sunset…IMG_1873

And goodbye to another great day in Copenhagen. It was an awesome day of museum (Statens Museum for Kunst), castle (Rosenberg Slot) and of course, tower!

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