Copenhagen to Malmo to…

Decided to take a break from all things Copenhagen and go on a day trip to Malmo, a 40-minutes train ride away from Copenhagen. Found it interesting that it takes a shorter (much shorter) time to travel from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Malmo (Sweden) compared to Stockholm (Sweden) 😛

Malmo is like a port city. The tourist information centre suggested that I walk from the train station to the Turning Torso, tallest skyscraper in Sweden to a park (forgot the name) to see Copenhagen across the sea then to the Malmo Castle then to Lilla Torg (shopping area) and finally Saint Peter’s Cathedral… IMG_1891

One of the sunniest day I had in Scandinavia. So sunny I actually felt warm in winter 😛IMG_1896

Passed by a skate park on my way to the Turning Torso…IMG_1908IMG_1907

The Turning Torso. Didn’t know it was a residential building, hence no entry (that’s the consequence if you do not do your homework properly before travelling :P).  And I thought I could get a good view of Malmo from here…haha.
IMG_1915 IMG_1921

Walking to the nearby park…IMG_1927

Think that is the bridge that links Copenhagen to Malmo…IMG_1928

I like Malmo for its aussie feel. Residential area by the sea..IMG_1942

Cafes/Restaurants by the sea…
IMG_1944 IMG_1953

Docks and piers. Almost thought I was in Australia 😛IMG_1949

View of the Turning Torso from the park…IMG_1954

Malmo Castle.Very fortress-like.
IMG_1971 IMG_1985

Inside the castle.

Lilla Torg. Buildings built in the old ways.IMG_1987

It’s a small square, really.IMG_1988

Saint Peter’s Cathedral. Dark on the outside.IMG_1995

Light on the inside.
IMG_2005 IMG_2007IMG_2011IMG_2010 IMG_2012

The chapel is my favorite part in the church. At one time, the church was white-washed and only this part of the church remained relatively untouched with its original decor.IMG_2004 IMG_2001

Parting shot of Malmo from the train station.
IMG_2014 IMG_2017IMG_2016

Amazed that I could visit Malmo in half a day. To Lund next!

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