Skipped a press yesterday (been finding it a challenging to press on weekends). After Malmo (Copenhagen to Malmo to…), I took a train to Lund which is about 10 minutes train ride away. Lund is a small university town with most attractions accessible on foot.

The main attraction at Lund must be the Lund Cathedral. IMG_2022IMG_2044 IMG_2048IMG_2049 IMG_2050IMG_2057IMG_2055 IMG_2061

And the main attraction in Lund Cathedral must be the astronomical clock which plays at 12noon and 3pm daily. IMG_2064

Although I heard that that beings gather to watch the ‘performance’, was amused to see them seated at least 10 minutes before it started to play! IMG_2066 IMG_2069

And I was one of them! 😛IMG_2071

Will share a video of the clock in my next press! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever is left!

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