Lund University

Next to Lund Cathedral (Lund) is Lund University. A stroll around the campus before the train back to Copenhagen.

The administrative building, I think.IMG_2073IMG_2075 IMG_2076IMG_2077

Pretty fountain in the heart of the campus. I must have said this a thousand times in my presses – it was weird to see ‘dry’ fountains in Europe at this time of the year!IMG_2081IMG_2084 IMG_2089IMG_2087

The various schools… A quaint and scholarly touch compared to the sprawling school compounds in Singapore. 
IMG_2092 IMG_2093IMG_2095IMG_2097 IMG_2098IMG_2099

Campus art…

Standalone campus bookshop! So pretty 🙂IMG_2100

And this marked the end of my day trip to Malmo (Copenhagen to Malmo to…) and Lund (Lund) – still amazed I covered both in a day, and still found time to shop when I was back in Copenhagen 🙂

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