Chasing castles I

It’s been a busy week, and I had to stop pressing daily (at least for the past week). Glad to be back in action again today (although I am feeling a bit off beat).

Spent a day to chase castles in Copenhagen (or shall I say Greater Copenhagen?). Thanks to the advice from the information centre, I managed to visit Frederiksborg Slot, Kronborg and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in one day. In that order, I took a morning train to Hillerod then Helsingor then Humlebaek, and a night train back to Copenhagen.

Chasing castles can be quite overwhelming (maybe because I wanted to cover them all on the way) – here’s part 1!

It was quite a long walk from the train station to Frederiksborg Slot through a square. IMG_2140

Here’s a shot of the castle from the square! IMG_2125

Finally at the main gate! IMG_2142

Had to pass through a few more gates before I reached the castle.IMG_2143 IMG_2146

Copenhagen Card Guide 2012/2013: Frederiksborg is a royal renaissance castle, built in the 17th century by Christian IV. The castle houses an impressive chapel with the coats  of arms of Knights of the Elephant and Knights of the Grand Cross, Riddersal (Great Hall) and Audienssal (Audience Chamber).IMG_2154IMG_2234

These coats of arms of knights can be seen everywhere in the castle!IMG_2158

A glimpse of the castle from the chapel.IMG_2173

Beautiful chapel! 
IMG_2179IMG_2176 IMG_2182IMG_2183 IMG_2191IMG_2189

Coat of arm of Christian IV can be spotted in the castle too.IMG_2200

Interesting flag that reflects the interlinked history of the Scandinavia countries. Recognise the three crowns of Sweden?IMG_2201 - Copy

Great Hall. Almost always impressed with the great halls of the castles I visited in Scandinavia. IMG_2208IMG_2204

A glimpse of the castle’s garden. Very nice.IMG_2214

As you can tell from the pictures, this is one of the oldest castles I visited so far. Many parts were under renovation.IMG_2224IMG_2221 IMG_2222

Gate leading to the garden…IMG_2229

Nice walk. Wish I had more time to linger though.IMG_2230IMG_2232

Shot of castle from the garden. Thought it looks prettier from this side.IMG_2231

Time to catch up on some sleep before I press about Kronborg, Hamlet’s castle… Till then…

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