Self Portrait: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

I ended the day of chasing castles (Chasing castles l and Chasing castles ll) in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on the way back to Copenhagen. Was really dark by the time I reached Humlebaek which was a good distance (about 20 minutes walk) to the museum. I couldn’t really see it from the main road and had to ask for directions as I walked. Was telling myself I really shouldn’t be walking alone in a foreign land in the dark (well, this is not the first time, and I’m sure it will not be the last).

Self Portraits: Louisiana Museum of Modern ArtMy self-portrait at Self Portrait 🙂

Self Portrait was the exhibition that was on (back then in November). Was kind of interesting to see so many self portraits by famous artists, and how they evolved over time reflecting the various stages/experiences of the artists. I think it must have been harder to create self portraits – to dig deep into oneself, to share what happened in one’s life with others in such an intimate way… How many of us can/want to do that?

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