From the little mermaid

It was technically my last day in Copenhagen (although I was to be back again in transit from Reykjavik to Stockholm) and a day of leisurely walk.

My first stop was the little mermaid whom I stole a glimpse on my first day on the canal tour. It was hilarious trying to find her statue though. Two Danish I asked for directions said they could not really remember where it was! And added in jest that they have stayed in Copenhagen all their lives and don’t really go and visit her (haha). Both did pointed me in the right direction.

Took a while to find the little mermaid. Had to walk through a park first…I was quite surprised to find Copenhagen (even Malmo and Lund) still green compared to Stockholm. Perhaps because they were relatively south in the Scandinavia region.

Pretty statues spotted on the way to little mermaid…IMG_2316

There she was! She is really popular – so many beings come to this park just to see her and take pictures of/with her! She looked kind of sad that day, and the cloudy day added to the melancholy.
IMG_2319 IMG_2317

A nice shot of her with the industrial landscape behind her. From different angles, her back faces different landscapes of Copenhagen city. IMG_2320

Like this pretty spot. I could not capture it better but the statue was surrounded by fallen golden leaves and balding trees. Kind of angelic.  
IMG_2322 IMG_2326

The Gefion Fountain was a short walk away. It is the biggest fountain in Copenhagen, and yes, the only fountain I have seen with water so far! IMG_2328

Passed by several churches as I walked to Amalienborg.IMG_2336

Many of the statues in Copenhagen gave me a really gothic feeling. Such is the sad beauty of copper, I guess. It gives the statues life as it ages.
IMG_2338 IMG_2339

The Marble Church.
IMG_2342 IMG_2346

Beautiful dome. Did not know that there is a free guided tour to the dome on weekends, so do check it out if you are in Copenhagen.IMG_2343

Shot of Marble Church from Amalienborg.IMG_2348

First glimpse of Amalienborg, the royal residence.IMG_2349

Changing of the guard at noon. I think I took a video of it. Will try to share later.IMG_2359

From Amalienborg, I walked to Nyhavn the old port. I like Nyhavn. Quaint and quirky 🙂
IMG_2400IMG_2399 IMG_2402

Had lunch at Stroget the world’s longest walking street and shopped a little 😛 One of the most delicious bagels I have had in ages! And huge – couldn’t finish as usual 😦IMG_2405

Interesting shop. The shopfront will change according to the day of the week. So my last day in Copenhagen was a Wednesday! 😛IMG_2408

Lego shop! Must go into one when you are in Denmark!IMG_2416

Stroget in Legoland!

Star Wars in Legoland!IMG_2411

Nyhavn in Legoland!IMG_2410

Decided to pop by National Museet since I had time. Great place to find out more about Copenhagen especially its history. Free entry.IMG_2417

Back to Stroget. Was thinking of having dinner in The Royal Cafe (Royal Copenhagen Cafe – the one in Singapore has closed down). But dropped the idea as I still had half a bagel in my bag 😦

Stroget getting ready for Christmas!IMG_2426

And passing by magical Trivoli at night on my way back to the hotel! IMG_2432

Trivoli was closed in preparation for Christmas when I was there. My brother and I did managed to visit for a few hours during our transit in Copenhagen. Remembered I was feeling quite excited at the thought then 🙂 We can never be too old for theme parks, I guess.


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2 Responses to From the little mermaid

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    You visited my favorite places – Kopenhagen, Stockholm, Island. I love reading your blogs and looking at your shots! thanks for sharing

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