Looked through the photos taken in Iceland. And undecided which ones to press. Because Iceland is beautiful in a chilling way. Cold, Breathtaking. Take a deep breath and join me in my reminisce of happy (happier) times in Iceland.

Sunrise was late, around 9am. So we kind of watched the sun rise on our way to our first stop, Pingvellir National Park. At a photo stop. IMG_2465

We stopped. We saw.  We snapped. IMG_2470IMG_2473 IMG_2479

Walking through Pingvellir National Park. IMG_2485

Pingvellir National Park (and Iceland) is more beautiful than the camera could capture. It sits along the border between the North American and European tectonic plates, hence the stunning landscape. IMG_2489

And I thought everyone turned out more radiant in the pictures taken in Pingvellir National Park. Such is the beauty of nature – it makes one feel more beautiful! IMG_2506

Iceland was colder than I imagine. Everything was frozen. Lakes and plants alike.IMG_2514 - Copy
IMG_2518 IMG_2522

Reflection. If only all reflections can be so beautiful. Then perhaps beings would reflect more – to look into themselves, to… IMG_2525

Colors of the skies. Changing throughout the day. From foreboding to hoping.IMG_2533 IMG_2554

Happier times in Iceland. Tried to jump for a shot but failed. Still happy. If only we always celebrate failures this way 😛IMG_2541

At a pit stop. Snowed with snow. What were the boys doing? Writing a snow letter – HELLO from Pingvellir National Park!
IMG_2545 IMG_2546

If only all pit stops have beautiful views like this. Then perhaps beings would take more breaks – to see the world go by, to… 🙂

Yes, we were here! And on our way to greater sights ahead!

Passing by a lake on our way to the next stop.  Picture taken on the bus, hence the emergency exit sign. If only all exits lead to such beautiful escapes like this. Perhaps beings would run away from reality more often – to travel, to…IMG_2562

Feeling a bit emo as I pressed about Pingvellir. Must be missing Iceland…


About cyndichan

Write for a living. Live for travel, run and art. Just back from the snow festival in Hokkaido!
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6 Responses to Þingvellir

  1. allesistgut says:

    You shot some really beautiful photos and captured the atmosphere of this special place very good!

  2. PragueByKaty says:

    I visited Thingvellir in summer and I fall in love with the place, beautiful and long history!
    BTW: The first letter is not P, it is some special icelandic letter that is pronounced “Th” and usually in other languages also written “Th”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Eingvellir or http://www.thingvellir.is/english

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