Golden Falls

After  Þingvellir, Gullfoss waterfalls was next on the itinerary of our Golden Circle Tour. Its is the most spectacular waterfalls I have seen in  my life!

Also known as the Golden Falls. First glimpse. IMG_2575 IMG_2577

So misty and frosty that I could not keep my eyes open!IMG_2578

Cold is an understatement. IMG_2582

That was the target we walked towards to see more of Gullfoss waterfalls.IMG_2583

Different angles of the waterfalls as we walked (or climbed).IMG_2588IMG_2589 IMG_2591

Looking back at our ascent. IMG_2595

Wow is an understatement.IMG_2606

Walking back so we could make our next ascent. See the next target in the background?IMG_2610IMG_2612

At the next target. Kind of breathless by now.IMG_2616IMG_2620 IMG_2623

So hungry after walking/climbing so much! Glad to have meat soup (icelandic style, highly recommended by the tour guide) for lunch! Must-eat if you ever visit Iceland. Having hot soup in winter was a deliciously unforgetable experience! 🙂IMG_2628

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  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Wow, so great in winter!!

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