Twit. Pin. Twit. Pin. Twit. Pin

Glad to be back in wordpress after a short break! Such a busy week – last weekend spent in Bintan Angsana with the girls (will share some pictures taken with my phone soon) and the last 3 working days at a course which kept me quite occupied.

Pressing has been on my mind though. Here’s a short press to get my press ‘engine’ going. A picture of me in Malmo, Sweden (see Copenhagen to Malmo to…). I miss sunny wintry days in Scandinavia and I love how I captured (unexpectedly) the sun ray in my sunnies in this picture 🙂 Such is life. Expect the unexpected 🙂


Anyway, I decided to twit more and try to pin this long vacation.

Been twitting random stuff for a few years and decided to focus more on travel stuff. Will be happy to see you on Twitter @ilovelongvacatn.

I just joined Pinterest yesterday and it has been fun pinning and repining. Join me (cyndichan) and see my pin board  (been there done that) 😛 I thought it will be fun to share more of the travel pictures I took (and love) in the last 10 years…

About cyndichan

Write for a living. Live for travel, run and art.
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