Blue Lagoon

Back with another press on my Reykjavik Iceland days. On our second day tour, we soaked in the Blue Lagoon, went out to sea to watch the whales and caught the northern lights!

Sunrise on our way to the Blue Lagoon. It was about 9.30am. Beautiful start to another short day in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon is a thermal pool with luxurious facilities. I wanted a massage (to pamper my body after a month of walking in Scandinavia). To my amusement/ amazement/ horror (haha), all the spa sessions were booked by the time I made it to the reception. At 10am! So do book in advance if you are ever going to the Blue Lagoon, ok?

This greeted us as we made our way from the bus drop off to the Blue Lagoon. Made me looked forward to jumping into the pool, although it was cold cold cold.???????????????????????????????

Soaking in the pool, soaking in the beauty of Iceland. Definitely one of the most beautiful thermal pool I have ever visited! And it’s good for our skin too! 🙂

My brother and I got this package which included a drink and lunch. Imagine having wine in the Blue Lagoon. Still divine to think back. Cheers!???????????????????????????????

And followed by lunch overlooking the Blue Lagoon. Hmmm…Started to feel delicious before lunch was served…

Our starters – sushi and lobster soup! I say yes to seafood in Iceland – very fresh!

My main course – catfish! Tasted like crab! Hmmm…Desert was great too – a pity we had to enjoy them on the bus as we had to catch the whale-watching boat. Will definitely choose to spend a day at the Blue Lagoon if I ever return. My brother and I felt so relaxed and slept really well that night! 🙂

Whale-watching was tough. Was a bit sea-sick (and I am usually not) – probably due to the intoxication of Blue Lagoon  (spring water + wine + lunch!). The sea was really rough. And it was COLD out at sea! We donned a potent combination of sea+winter jumpsuit from head to toe, and still felt the chills. Phew!
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I sat in a corner and took a short nap in the boat before I gathered enough courage to venture out to the deck. Many brave souls were out there trying to catch a glimpse of whale – tail or spurts!
??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Unfortunately, no one caught the whale that day…. Consolation: we did catch floating glaciers and the horizontal sunset. More consolation: the whale watching tour will be valid for 2 years or until we see the whale (whichever is earlier)… Another reason to go back 🙂

To cap the day, we caught the northern lights on our second attempt (see The geysers). It was not as spectacular as I imagined and saw on pictures. Apparently, it looks more amazing in photos due to its interaction with the camera lights. Unfortunately, I could not get a good picture (it was complicated trying to set the shutter speed, ISO etc). Below was the best picture I got – of beings watching the northern  nights. But as they say, the sight will ring in your head forever. Captured, kind of , I guess 🙂

That day was a roller coaster ride! Up: Blue Lagoon. Down: Whale-watching. Up: Northern lights. Life’s ups and downs extend to travel! May all of us have more ups than downs in life and travel….

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