Magical moments in Reykjavík – Walking on The Pond!

From late Oct to mid Nov, I sawa few lakes/ponds in the midst of turning from water into ice in Scandinavia. And Tjörnin (The Pond) in Reykjavík was a most amazing sight.

Beautiful sun. Beautiful pond. Beautiful Reykjavík. ???????????????????????????????

Close up! Beings were feeding the birds at the pond so many crowded at the edge. ???????????????????????????????

Only a small part of the pond remained liquid. Read somewhere that hot water were released into the pond so that part of it will not freeze and the birds can still ‘swim’.???????????????????????????????

Spot the kids? Was amazed to see the children running/skating around on the pond! Wanted to join them in the fun but was hesitant for a while. What if…???????????????????????????????


I could not resist the temptation though and stepped onto the pond. Tried not to move too much (was worried the pond would crack under my weight!). The feeling! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This man was walking with his son (hanging onto /hiding behind him). When he jumped a few times to show the young boy that the pond was safe, he squeaked! 🙂 Not sure if it was in awe or in fear! 🙂

And the baby in me finally plucked up my courage and took my baby steps on the pond. Look, I’m walking with the birds! 😛??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

A magical moment that I will remember for life! 🙂

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