I like the sound of Harpa

Wanted to share some videos of Reykjavík city but can’t seemed to put them together. Oh well! Decided to press about an iconic building we visited instead. Was surprised to find buildings more modern than medieval in Reykjavík, Iceland. Has been conditioned to expect centuries-old architectures in Europe, I guess.

Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland. Like the sound of Harpa – it has a musical ring around it! 🙂???????????????????????????????

Reminds me of a bee-hive, made of glass. Busy bees, busy beings 😛???????????????????????????????

Like the rest (most parts) of Reykjavík, it was nice to find Harpa surrounded by the fjord (of beautiful mountains and glacier) – very icelandic.???????????????????????????????

Harpa kind of reminded me of the icons in Beijing Olympics Park (see Lomographic Beijing).

Beijing National Aquatics Centre. There was a sand storm when I visited last April. Almost got blown away (literally)!???????????????????????????????

Also known as the Water Cube. How apt!???????????????????????????????

Beijing National Stadium. ???????????????????????????????

Also known as the Bird’s Nest. See the resemblance????????????????????????????????

Singapore has our own Esplanade, also known as the Durian. I don’t have a picture of it (funny how I took so many pictures when travelling and do not take any when I’m at home…sad…) – click here if you want to see how Esplanade looks like.

All gigantic pieces of art that made me feel so tiny and in awe! In centuries to come, if they can withstand the test of time, they will be medieval in their own ways…

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